Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thing`s guys shouldn`t do

1. Cheating
Do the cheating without fear repercussions. He doesn`t realize that what they do affects the relationship. Any trust that we were able to build with our significant other is gone once the cheating has been discovered. If you don`t love us anymore then it is time to leave us not cheat. 

2. Say "My ex always/never/used/ to..."
If your ex still on your mind so much that you need to constantly bring her up, then why are you dating us? Relationship are difficult enough without the ghost of your ex floating around. Either get back with her or shut up.

3. Praise other girls like "Baby, she`s hot, she`s pretty, she`s cute and blaa blaa"
Seems kinda obvious, but this mistakes has been made before. Just because we say the chick are hot doesn`t mean you should tell us that girls is mad sexy, hot and pretty awesome. We like to think that at least in your eyes, we are the preetiest woman on the earth. Pointing out that someone else is attractive will not earn you any brownie points. We don`t want to know if you think anyone else is preety. Just ZIP it!

4. Say "She`s just a friend"
Yeah right. If she`s attractive and single we see her as a threat. If she really is just a friend let us know the reason why. Is it bcause she`s not your type, she has a boyf, she has an annoyinh personality? We like to be reassured tht you`re not secretly into your "Friend"

5. Give us lack of emotional support
Everyone wants to be loved and everyone has feelings. Not everyone can show their feelings. When we are with you, we want you to love us unconditionally, honor us and pay attention to our need. Is tht hard for you? :'(

6. Trying to make a fight
Fighting lets out everything we have been holding in, the feelings tht have been making us unhappy. Sometimes, we cannot forget or forgive these things. How to avoid? Try to calm down before we talk to em and stay calm when we do talk to them. Yeahh! Be mature Fyqa :)

7. Being bored in a relationship
Some relationship fall into routine leaving some to feel it has grown stale and rather "boring". We need to remember tht a relationship is a blessing. It would be a shame to let the relationship die bcause both people could not keep the spirit alive, keep the relationship fresh and alive by doing something special you think we would enjoy.

8. Compare us with other girls
We are not other girls! We just being ourself, don`t ever compare us! Enough said.

9. Share our love story with your close female friends
No need to ask your close "female friends" for relationship advice or when you`re confused or anything. If we are arguing, it probably isn`t a good idea.

10. Ask a woman, "Wht can`t you be more like blaa and like blaa and like blaa"
Just love the way we are. No need to complain anything about our dress up, face and so on. No one perfect!

16/7/2011 ; 1:35 PM

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